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Health & Fitness Program

A tailored AMG Health and Fitness program to get me fit and prepped for the Games?? For the cost of four coffees?

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Jeonju World Cup Stadium & Opening Ceremony for APMG 2023 Jeonbuk Korea

Jeonju World Cup Stadium has been selected as the venue for the Asia-Pacific Masters Games 2023 Jeonbuk Korea’s Opening ...

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Working with Anna Liptak

The Australian Masters Games is thrilled to announce we’ll be working with ambassador Anna Liptak

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Young by Name – Young at Heart

Devoted tennis player Henry Young, just seven months shy of his 100th birthday celebrations, has a cheeky grin when ...

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What’s your New Years Fitness Goal?

Have you set a New Year resolution? Does it involve getting fit and fabulous?

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Brace yourself Adelaide, the Muppets are coming to town!!!!!

Perth-based Zoot, Animal, Gonzo, Sweetums, Beaker, Janice, Swedish Chef and Scooter are taking their act to South ...

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Netballer Karen Gillespie describes the Australian Masters Games as a breed of their own | OYTG Function

Netballer Karen Gillespie shares that,“It’s more than 20 years playing in the Australian Masters Games and I love it, it ...

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John Holland shares his Dragon Boat Racing Journey| OYTG

John Holland shares his journey to being the Chairman of the Board at Australian Dragon Boat Federation Ltd at the One ...

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Countdown is on | OYTG

The countdown to the 19th chapter of the Australian Masters Games is officially on after a significant milestone, one ...

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