Saturday 9 – Saturday 16 October 2021

8.00am – 8.00pm each day

Games Entry Fee

$115 per person or $105 per person for people aged 70+
(the above entry fees will increase to $145 and $135 respectively as at 31 July 2021)

Please note: All transactions are subject to a PayPal charge (1.5% of total amount due +$0.30).
Further details available in the Games Entry Terms & Conditions.

Sport Entry Fee

$95 per person
Casual Softball Australia Membership $17.26


Last Updated: 2/12/2020

Age Requirements

Age determined at 31 December 2021
Minimum age 35 years

Age Groups

Female:            35+, 45+, 55+
Male:                35+, 45+, 55+




*Grades to be assigned
**Only age division offered for 55+, no competitive/social option

Number of Participant Requirements

Minimum number of participants required to conduct competition: 4 Teams for each age group

Mirrabooka International Softball Stadium

Lot 27 Chesterfield Rd, Mirrabooka Western Australia 6061

Additional Information

  • Fast pitch Competition ONLY
  • Separate competition is open to both male and female participants
  • Social Grade, Competitive Grade (Grades to be assigned)
  • Softball WA reserves the right to grade teams in consultation with the competition committee
  • As per the competition rules, the minimum number of registered players to take the field is seven – team lists will be a maximum of sixteen per team plus officials (e.g. coach, manager and scorer). However, it is suggested to have at least 10 players registered in case of unforeseen injuries
  • Acceptance of team entry is conditional upon the team supplying an umpire who is available to umpire every day of the tournament. The nominated team umpire MUST be competent in umpiring both as a plate and base umpire, at least for the division that their team is playing in
  • If needed, teams will be penalised for failure to provide an umpire for any allocated time slot. Teams will lose 2 points if their team umpire does not show


The competition will be conducted under Softball Australia Rules and Regulations.

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