About the Games

What are the dates of the event?

The 19th edition of the Australian Masters Games will be held in Adelaide South Australia from October 7th to October 14th, 2023.

Where is the event?

Adelaide, South Australia

Who runs the Australian Masters Games?

The Australian Masters Games is owned by and is a key program of the Confederation of Australian Sport’s (CAS) ‘Sport for All’ platform. The 2023 AMG is proudly supported by the South Australian Government through South Australian Tourism Commission and is managed by UniSport Australia Limited (UniSport) under the direction of CAS. 

When will the sports and venues be announced?

Click here to view the current sport information. 

How old do you have to be to compete in a Masters Games?

AMG defer to the National Sporting Organisations in regard to sport specific age requirements, including minimum age and age as at date. 

Check the minimum age for your sport on the sport program page of the website, as sports are confirmed and details published. 

Where there aren’t Sport specific Masters Rules the default minimum age for the event is 30 years of age as at 31 December 2023. For some sports (e.g. swimming and figure skating) the minimum age will be lower.

There is no maximum age limit. 

Do I have to qualify to compete in the Australian Masters Games?

The Australian Masters Games is a mass participation event, open to anyone who meets the age requirements of their sport of choice. It does not impose qualifying standards and welcomes participants from all over the world. The only criteria to compete in the Australian Masters Games is you must meet the age criteria for your sport. 

What is your stance regarding minors (under 18s) at our event?

The Australian Masters Games is predominantly an ‘Over 30’s aged sporting and social event, with some early retirement sports permitting over 18s. AMG management has recently been asked about Under 18 aged supporters and officials at the 19AMG.  After careful consideration and working with Village permit information with respect to suitability, liquor licencing and other stakeholder conditions, the following restrictions apply for attendance of Under 18 supporters at the AMG:

  • Minors (Under 18 s) are more than welcome to attend:
    • sporting events and venues,
    • the Opening Ceremony March and opening formalities on the Riverbank,             
    • the Thursday evening  Glenelg Street Party and 
    • the lower level of the SkyCity Village (unlicensed section).
  • Minors will not be permitted into the licensed SkyCity Village (Festival Plaza) area during major social events or nightly entertainment programs, including
    • the Opening Ceremony Party (post ceremony),
    • Mid-week concert,
    • Closing Ceremony or
    • daily entertainment program activities at SkyCity Village.

We trust this assists in planning for participants bringing family members and underage officials to the Games and thank you in advance for your understanding.  


Do I have to be a registered member of a sporting club to participate in the Australian Masters Games?


A small group of select sports may require you to become a member of the national, state, and/or affiliated body or purchase an event membership for insurance purposes. 

How many sports and participants will be involved in the 2023 Australian Masters Games?

We are aiming for 50+ sports on offer https://australianmastersgames.com/sports/, depending on capacity of the host location and around 10,000 competing/ non-competing participants. 

Are participants covered for personal accident/injury during the event?

Personal accident/injury insurance coverage is the responsibility of each individual competitor. AMG strongly encourages each participant to investigate their own requirements and needs to ensure they have adequate cover in place should an accident or injury occur during the Games. 

Some sports may offer optional personal insurance through their registration process. 

Where can I access results from the 18th Australian Masters Games in Perth in 2022?

Results from all sports at the 19th AMG will be accessible via the individual sport specific pages.

When will fixtures/draws for my sport be announced?

Fixtures and draws for most sports will be published around one month prior to the start of the event (September 2023). 

When will sports and venues be announced?

The official sport list and accompanying venues will be announced in the coming months. Keep your eye out on the website and our social media pages and sign up to our e-news letter https://australianmastersgames.com/subscribe/. 

Games Entry Fees

How much are entry fees?

The Australian Masters Games entry fees are $125 during the Early Bird period and $110 for those aged 70 and over. The fee is also comprised of a Sport Fee which is sport-specific and included in your payment total.

What is the difference between the Games entry fee and the sport entry fee, and where does this money go?

The Games entry fee is the same for all participants and is set by the Australian Masters Games organising committee. This Games fee component is directed towards the operational costs of staging the event, to ensure a well conducted event for all competitors. This includes the overall Games costs such as the Games Village and social program, ceremonies, and centralised services such as accreditation, staffing, first aid, etc. 

The sport entry fee is paid by all participants in addition to the Games entry fee and differs by sport and/or event. This fee is set by the sport organiser, and goes towards the costs of conducting the individual sport competition, including venue hire, equipment and timing costs, etc. 

What is included in my entry fee?

Entry inclusions for 2023 include:

  • Official Games Accreditation Pass 
  • Games kit bag 
  • Games participant commemorative bottle of water
  • Complimentary sponsor items, tourist information, transport information 
  • Access to over 50 national standard, professionally organised sport competitions (remember, once you have paid your Games entry fee you can elect to play in as many sports as you like with only the additional sport fee payable) 
  • Provision of a volunteer workforce to assist and support the delivery of the Games and associated special events 
  • Sports medicine services at venues 
  • Exclusive participant only access to the SkyCityVillage venue 
  • Exclusive entertainment at the SkyCity Village, including but not limited to;  
  • Opening Ceremony entry 
  • Closing Ceremony entry 
  • Midweek Party entry 
  • Glenelg Street Party
  • Medals for place getters 


How can I enter the Games?

The primary way to enter is via our online registration system. You can access the Australian Masters Games registration system by clicking here.

If you require further assistance, please contact our registration team via email at amg.rego@unisport.com.au.


Accreditation Collection

What is the difference between a Supporter and a Non-Playing Official?

A Non-Playing Official is anyone involved in a role that directly assists competitor participation, and includes team manager/s, coach/s, trainer/s, mechanic/s etc. 

A Supporter applies to anyone not participating in sport events, but who would like to participate in the Games social program and attend the exclusive Games ceremonies and events. 

Travel & Accommodation

Where should I stay?

Our travel partner will be able to assist you with all your queries regarding accommodation in Adelaide and South Australia. Watch this space. We will update the details real soon.

Where can I hire a car?

The Australian Masters Games team is working on securing a rental car partner in due course. 

What are the public transport facilities in Adelaide, South Australia?

To travel on public transport you could either get one-time access tickets from the kiosks or you could sign- up for the Adelaide Metro MetroCards which are rechargeable plastic cards that you can use on buses, trains, and trams. You can manage your Adelaide MetroCard online by setting up an account. 

This card could be used for quick access to the locations (also there are zones where travel is free).

What weather can I expect?

The weather in Adelaide during the month of October is generally warm and humid. Visitors to the City can expect a comfortable stay with fairly consistent temperatures and minimal rainfall. 

The average maximum daily October temperatures sit between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. 

As an international participant, how and which visa do I apply for?

There are many visa options available. As an athlete or visitor to the Games, you are able to apply for a tourist visa. However, this will all depend on your true reason for visiting Australia. Our international policy will be published and available on our website in due course.


What are the quarantine restrictions when coming to South Australia?

Please follow this link for government advice on quarantine when entering SA: 



How do I become an Australian Masters Games volunteer?





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