Entries Close Date

11.59pm Wednesday, 20 April 2022


Sunday 24 April – Single craft
Monday 25 April – Team boats

Sunday 24th – 7.30am – 12.00pm
Monday 25th – from 1.o0pm

Games Entry Fee

$115 per person or $105 per person for people aged 70+
(the above entry fees will increase to $145 and $135 respectively as at 11 February 2022)

Please note: All transactions are subject to a PayPal charge (1.5% of total amount due +$0.30).
Further details available in the Games Entry Terms & Conditions.

Sport Entry Fee

Canoe Marathon – Single Craft: $30 per person
Canoe Marathon – Double Craft: $30 per person ($60 per craft)
Canoe Marathon – Single and Double Craft: $50 per person


Last Updated: 12/04/2022

Age Requirements

Age determined at 31 December 2022
Minimum age 35 years

Age Groups

Female: 35+, 45+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+
Male: 35+, 45+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+

Number of Participant Requirements

Minimum number of participants required to conduct competition: 60 participants

Classes will be constituted where there are not enough participants to win a medal. A minimum of 4 participants are needed to constitute a male class, and a minimum of 3 participants to constitute a female class.

Ascot Kayak Club

Fauntleroy Ave, Ascot Western Australia 6104

Sunday 24th April

Racer check-in: 7.30am to 8.30am
Briefing: 8.30am
Race start: from 9.00am (first grid)
Grids will start at ~2min intervals, these will be confirmed on the Thursday prior to the race

Monday 25th April

ANZAC Day proceedings in the morning
Racer check-in: 1.00pm to 1.45pm
Briefing: 1.45pm
Race start: from 2.00pm (first grid)
Grids will start at ~2min intervals, these will be confirmed on the Thursday prior to the race

Additional Information

Eligible craft

Event Single Craft Double Craft
Marathon C1, K1, OC1, S1, SUP1 C2, K2, OC2, S2

C1/C2: Canoe Single/Canoe Double
K1/K2: Kayak Single/Kayak Double
S1/S2: Ski Single/Ski Double
SUP1: Stand Up Paddleboard

Canoe Marathon

  • Will consist of 4km laps, age groups will complete different numbers of laps.
  • Marathon distances to be released at a later date, likely 24km (35-45+), 20km (45-55+), 16km (55-65+), 12km (75+). Participants will start in grids with other competitors in their category.

Boat Hire

  • Paddle WA will endeavour to find boats to lend to visiting paddlers. More information to follow.

Boat Transport

Participants looking to transport their boat to Perth should contact:

Richard Wikaire – The Kayak Courier
M: 0414 889 499


The competition will be conducted under the Paddle Australia Competition Rules and By Laws for masters categories.

Canoe/Kayak Specific Enquiries

Christopher Greed
Paddle WA
0422 955 541

Terry Bolland
Paddle WA
0417 977 330

2022 Australian Masters Games General Enquiries

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