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Brace yourself Adelaide, the Muppets are coming to town!!!!!

Perth-based Zoot, Animal, Gonzo, Sweetums, Beaker, Janice, Swedish Chef and Scooter are taking their act to South ...

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Netballer Karen Gillespie describes the Australian Masters Games as a breed of their own | OYTG Function

Netballer Karen Gillespie shares that,“It’s more than 20 years playing in the Australian Masters Games and I love it, it ...

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John Holland shares his Dragon Boat Racing Journey| OYTG

John Holland shares his journey to being the Chairman of the Board at Australian Dragon Boat Federation Ltd at the One ...

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Countdown is on | OYTG

The countdown to the 19th chapter of the Australian Masters Games is officially on after a significant milestone, one ...

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Jordan Kan, self-taught badminton sensation

“I'm so proud of myself not only because I'm always the medallist with the least amount of playing years, but also ...

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Diana Koski, making a splash for mental health

"My swimming training and entering the Australian Masters Games helps me immensely in supporting my physical health and ...

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Sonia Reid, 1 in a million on and off the softball field

Both are set to take the field this October, Sonia let us know “I am so excited to finally be able to play in this ...

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Christine Smith, trading supporting on the sidelines for competing on the athletics field

After over a decade being the driver and supporter for her talented competitor daughter, Christine Smith decided that it ...

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2021 Medal Designs Revealed

Revealing the medals this week was an all-star West Australian basketball line-up, with the return of the 1982 Perth ...

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