Sunday 8 October 2023

8.00am 8.45pm (registration and weigh-in)
9.00am – 5.00pm (competition)

Games Entry Fee

Early Bird entry fee $125 per person 

Discounted price for competitors aged 70+ is $110 per person 
(the above entry fees will increase to standard pricing of $155 and $145 respectively as at 1 August 2023)

Please note: All transactions are subject to a PayPal charge (1.5% of total amount due +$0.30).
Further details available in the Games Entry Terms & Conditions. 

Sport Entry Fee

$50 per person
$20 per additional event entered


Last Updated: 20/03/2023

Age Requirements

Age determined at 31 December 2023
Minimum age 30 years

Age Groups

Individual Poomsae: 30+ (belt divisions apply)

Pairs and teams mixed any gender: 30+ (belts apply to pairs events)

Individual Sparring: 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

Divisions & Events

WT Poomsae – Individual – Yellow Belt (Taeguek 1+2), Blue Belt (Taeguek 3+4), Red Belt (Taeguek 6+7), Black Belt (Taeguek 8 + Koryo)
WT Poomsae – Pairs – Yellow Belt (Taeguek 1+2), Blue Belt (Taeguek 3+4), Red Belt (Taeguek 6+7), Black Belt (Taeguek 8 + Koryo)
WT Poomsae – Teams
WT Sparring

Weight Divisions*

Men: Under 54kg, 54-58kg, 58-63kg, 63-68kg, 68-74kg, 74-80kg, 80-87kg, Over 87kg
Women: Under 46kg, 46-49kg, 49-53 kg, 53-57kg, 57-62kg, 62-67kg, 67-73kg, Over 73kg

*Weight categories may be expanded to 10kg brackets if there are insufficient entries


Additional Information

  • Sparring minimum 2 persons per division (divisions can be changed up one belt level, and one weight level)
  • All participants must bring Games accreditation and ID for registration and weigh-in
  • Sparring competitors must bring a coach and have them register as a non-playing official with AMG
  • Affiliation required – WT confirmed, ITF TBC


  • Details TBC (including rules)



2019 Australian Masters Games – Adelaide

Taekwondo Specific  Enquiries

Alan Cheng
Australian Taekwondo SA
0431 302 577

2023 Australian Masters Games Enquiries
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