Australian Masters Games

Seven reasons to register

20 March 2017

Seven reasons to register


Today marks seven months until the 16th Australian Masters Games, so here's seven reasons why you should enter now and compete at Australia’s ultimate multi sport festival held in Tasmania’s beautiful north west.

1. Spend time with mates

Whether you are participating in a team sport, individual sport, or just supporting the Games are the perfect place to wind down from everyday life with friends. 

2. Explore one of Australia’s most beautiful natural destinations 

Tasmania's North West boasts as one of Australia’s most beautiful natural destinations. Immerse yourself in the region and enjoy the scenery. 

3. Stay fit and train towards a goal

Use the Games as a goal. Why not run 10km for the first time at the Burnie10, or try a new sport like dragon boat? You've got seven months to plan and train. 

4. Reunions 

Get together with teams you've played with in the past and have a reunion. It is the perfect excuse to reconnect with old friends. 

5. Feel like a celebrity

Unlike in years past the Games are taking place in an entire region. The north west coast community is very involved and ready to celebrate everyone taking part in the Games. 

6. There's more than just sport

In addition to competing there's a uniquely Tasmanian social program that will include events not seen at any Masters Games before. 

7. Take home Gold

The Gold entry period ends 1 May and includes a gold accreditation pass, your own special line at the accreditation centre and a souvenir not available in the merchandise range. 


For more information about the sports on offer and to enter click here. 

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