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Former mountain bike world champ faces Games chairman in Masters time trial

25 October 2017

Former mountain bike world champ faces Games chairman in Masters time trial

(Photo of Royce Fairbrother from The Mercury)

Former mountain bike world champion John Gregory is prepared for a strong day of competitive cycling featuring local star riders along Old Coast Road in Ulverstone at the 16th Australian Masters Games.

The 51-year-old from Youngtown in Launceston will be on his bike for the 14.8km out and back course along with about 100 Masters riders from 10:00am on Thursday.

“It’s a great little challenging course, I’ve never raced it but looking forward to a nice hit out tomorrow,” Gregory said.

“The fitness is pretty good, but I did compete in mountain bike on the weekend which does take some time to recover from, but hopefully it all comes together on the day.

“It’s just been very friendly, very competitive but also a lot of fun, so I can’t wait to get out there again.

“They famously call it the race of truth, so I’ll find out.”

Australian Masters Games chairman Royce Fairbrother will also be on the road tomorrow morning, and although he will unlikely be laying down a time close to the former pro riders he is keen to have a go.

“My form is pretty basic, but I’ll be okay, I’ll be competitive,” Fairbrother said.

“Look I’m just so excited because I think overall the Games has come together so well and from all the feedback I’ve had from participants and volunteers everyone is enjoying themselves.”

He has been overwhelmed by the local support the 2017 Australian Masters Games have received and is looking forward to putting on a show for a crowd in Ulverstone tomorrow.

“Even from the Games Opening which lifted my expectations up another level for the week and the weather has just been so kind to us,” he added.

Registrations open for the time trial at 9am tomorrow at West Ulverstone Football Club rooms with a 10am start time at the lookout on Penguin Road. Presentations will take place at 1pm at West Ulverstone Football Club. 

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