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First Entrant in the 16th Australian Masters Games

23 November 2016

First Entrant in the 16th Australian Masters Games

(Pictured: L to R - Melissa-Ann Dunn's mum, Melissa-Ann Dunn, Atonya Lamberson)

Melissa-Ann Dunn from New South Wales was the first entrant in the 16th Australian Masters Games and in close second, her partner Atonya Lamberson. The two registered together at the same time, but Dunn took the coveted prize of being first.

Both women are participating in the archery competition and have a love for the sport. Dunn started archery at the age of 14, after having a picnic across from an archery range in Wollongong.

“I have shot on and off ever since. I have many interests but always tend to come back to archery for the fun, challenge and social aspect of this friendly sport,” Dunn commented.

Lamberson started her archery career as a teenager in a small town in America.

“I took (archery) back up again when I moved to the South Coast of New South Wales three years ago,” said Lamberson. “I've competed in a few competitions in the last couple of years and love the fellowship that archery has.”

They are both members of the of Illawarra Archers, Wollongong, and Shoalhaven City Archers NSW and are looking forward to the competition in Tasmania. For both Dunn and Lamberson this will be their first Australian Masters Games.

“We were keen to set some goals in archery and felt that the Australian Masters Games was a good one to start working towards,” said Dunn.

What are they most looking forward to in October 2017?

“Competing, watching other sports, attending the social events, catching up with friends and exploring Tasmania,” said Dunn.

Entries are open for the first 22 sports including basketball, softball, athletics, rowing, golf, netball, and more. For more information about the sports opened, click here.

For more information about all the sports on offer, click here.

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